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My name is Mark Johnson and I’m a software engineer residing in New Hampshire. Born and raised in Massachusetts, my passion for computers began when I took apart the family Packard Bell. While most kids would dream of a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us for toy cars and action figures, for me it was a trip to Radio Shack for resistors and capacitors.

A childhood of tinkering with electronics and computers led to a career in software. Today I work for a company called Emerson Ecologics and am helping to design and build a cutting-edge cloud platform that will power a multitude of services. This will ultimately help healthcare and wellness professionals successfully run their clinics.

When I’m not busy crafting web applications, I like to enjoy the finer aspects of nerd culture (Star Wars AND Star Trek). I also have an avid interest — okay, more like a borderline obsession — with everything Disney. Most importantly though, I love spending quality time with my lovely wife (who loves Disney *almost* as much as I do) and two amazing children.

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Professional Projects

LendEdge Logo


LendEdge pushed my skills to the limit, setting the course for the rest of my career. We built a large scale, flexible application capable of being customized for each of our clients’ needs. Our software left such a deep impression on CIT Bank that they decided to acquire the company.

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B2W Inform

My team built B2W Inform, a SaaS application that leverages information to increase profitability. Users can log in from any device to view real-time data. Being their first cloud application, I’m humbled B2W chose me to help them break free from on-premise software.

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Emerson Ecologics

This is my current employer and I’m excited for what the future holds. Emerson is reinventing itself as a tech company and we have big challenges ahead of us. We’re developing an innovative new platform that will power an entire ecosystem of products and services.

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